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NovaStar LED Retrofit Kit

The only cost effective LED tube retrofit kit on the market. The NovaStar System is so intelligently engineered and thought out, we are able to back it up with a 5 year no failure warranty – regardless of operating hours!

Installation will achieve a 24-36 Month ROI and 62.5% savings in comparison to existing 32 Watt T8 bulbs.

The majority of LED tubes on the market prematurely fail due to the overheating and failure of the miniaturized LED drivers that are built into the bulbs. This is also a contributing factor to the high expense of these bulbs and the lack of UL Listings.

Tri-Tech LED Systems has developed the only cost effective solution to bulb longevity, UL listing, reliability, cost and ROI.

The Tri-Tech NovaStar Series LED Retrofit system incorporates an externally mounted LED driver (Mounted like a typical ballast) This allows us to expand the driver components and perpetuate proper and much needed air flow to cool the driver and prevent premature failure due to overheating. This allows for a simpler manufacturing process and a lower cost product that when used to retrofit existing fluorescent fixtures will deliver a low Return onInvestment.
  • Eliminates the issues of higher voltage at the bulb contacts of a fixture. With the NovaStar Series LED Retrofit Kits for existing fluorescent fixtures, there is only 38 volts at the bulb contacts.
  • The external driver also allows the retrofit to retain the existing UL Listing of the fixture.
  • Each bulb only consumes 12 Watts of energy; however, retains or exceeds the existing foot candle reading as a standard 32 Watt T8 system.
  • Orders can be placed for any color temperature desired with down payment; minimum 2,000 bulb quantity order and 70 day lead time.
  • There is a 5 Year No failure Warranty / Guarantee

For all the information and specs of our NovaStar LED Retrofit Kit, download some of our literature below.

Novastar Retrofit Kit
Novastar Retrofit Kit
Novastar 48
Novastar 48 Spec Sheet
User Guide
T8 Tube User Guide

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